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Audit Testimonials

The ACSF Industry Audit Standard (IAS) was designed to be a single, comprehensive standard for the on-demand air charter and fractional aircraft ownership industry. The IAS comprehensively evaluates both an air charter operator’s or fractional aircraft ownership company’s SMS and its FAA regulatory compliance.
Read testimonials from operators that have gone through the ACSF audit program:
“We are proud to have successfully completed the ACSF audit and to be recognized as the first operator to do so. The process provided a valuable review of our regulatory compliance procedures and the health of our safety management system. Our registration demonstrates the continuing efforts of all our employees to develop higher standards, and is a natural next step beyond our ISO registrations of the past. Not only will Jet Solutions be proud to market our Industry Audit Standard (IAS) registration, we encourage other operators to meet the audit standards. In the future, we will look for IAS registration when contracting operators to support our supplemental lift needs. Their registration will let us know exactly the standards to which they operate.”
 - Dennis Keith, President and Owner of Jet Solutions
“Priester Aviation is thrilled by its addition to the Air Charter Safety Foundation registry. All of us at Priester Aviation have worked hard to achieve the high level of performance required by the ACSF standards.”
- Andy Priester, President and CEO, Priester Aviation, LLC.

“We are extremely proud of achieving registry status with the Air Charter Safety Foundation. It was an enlightening process and a team-building experience that I have not seen before in our company or industry. The preparation for the ACSF audit was the most comprehensive process we have ever experienced. We have always participated in the outside audit process, but unlike other audits, this was conducted to the International Civil Aviation Organization standards and resulted in fine tuning our entire operation, not just flight operations.”
- William F. Haberstock, President and CEO, Keystone Aviation
“I am thrilled that Mayo Aviation joins the ranks of companies accredited by the ACSF. This elite group of companies represents industry leaders committed to providing the highest level of safety possible. For organizations participating in the Air Charter Safety Foundation audit, safety is no accident. For these organizations, safety is prescriptive, planned and deliberate - a daily focus that permeates everything they do.”
  - Bill Mayo, President and CEO, Mayo Aviation